Good customer service is EVERYTHING!

Boom Boom shrimp…..Delicious

The power of good food & service should never be underestimated! We had reservations at another restaurant in the area, but ended up eating up a Baxter’s.
I understand that we have a pandemic and that restaurants have restrictions, but I also believe that the restaurant has a responsibility to accommodate their reservations. If you know that your establishment can not accommodate more 1 party of 5 or more, don’t make the reservation!
My daughter wanted to go to this restaurant for brunch & made online reservations for 4:30 on 11/14/20. We arrive on time only to be told that they close from 4-5 to get ready for their dinner crowd. Ok, this was not posted anywhere, but we said ok and went back at 5. Well, guess what, they still were not ready! We were invited in at 5:10 only to be stopped by the manager who said she wasn’t ready and that she needed about 5 more minutes. Ok, my daughter really wanted to go to this restaurant so, we we exercising our patience. 5:20 the manager comes to the door and apologizes saying she needed to turn on the heat to dry the floor…..really! We are trying to be optimistic as she takes us to our table for 5. Ummm……you have got to be kidding me… really want us to sit here. I wish I had taken a picture, but picture this if you will. A column in the middle of the floor, a table up against the column, a chair on the side of the column(1 end of the table), another chair at the other end, and 3 chairs side by side on the same side of the table facing the bathroom. May I add that the bathroom is only 2-3 feet away from the table! What kind of dining experience is that? We could tell that the manager knew it would be a problem because she walked away as we were standing there looking at each other. We called her back and voiced our concerns. All she could say was she was sorry and that she meant to turn off the online reservations because they are such a small establishment & with the COVID restrictions, they can not accommodate a lot of people. Worst customer service & manager I have EVER EXPERIENCED! Needless to say, they didn’t get our money that night nor will they ever get it. She never once said what she COULD do, only what she couldn’t do!
This is where Baxter’s came in & saved our evening! We were walking around downtown Norfolk, Va & saw Baxter’s. We all agreed to give it a try & we really enjoyed the food, service, & atmosphere. If you are ever in the area, give them a try!

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