Fruit Cake

Either you love it or you hate it!

Isn’t she lovely! It’s the holiday season & the season for Fruit Cake! This is a picture of a fruit cake I made & delivered.
Growing up, during the holiday season, there were 4 things you would always see in my house. A bowl of fruit on the kitchen table, a bowl of nuts(with the nut cracker) on the counter, a fruitcake on the counter, and Hickory Farms platter on the table. I was not fond of fruit cake, but my parents were. It just didn’t look very appetizing to me. My mom would always rave about my grandmothers fruit cake that she baked in a paper bag. Yes, I said paper bag. She looked forward to my grandmother gifting her with it every year!
Now that I’m older, I can appreciate a good piece of fruit cake. Now, I wouldn’t eat it all year long, but I enjoy it during the holidays!

This fruit cake is packed with fruit & nuts! After baking, she weighed a whopping 6 lbs! I had to pat myself on the back because fruit cakes can be temperamental. I must say, I am very please with the results!

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